Hi, I’m the Traveling Tailwheel CFI

Are you a rated pilot with a new tailwheel aircraft that you are not quite comfortable flying yet? I will come to you and we will fly it together to make you confident in your new plane. I have 9000 hours in taildraggers and 6000 hours instructing so its obvious that I love flying! Give me a holler at flyae2@yahoo.com. I charge somewhat more than your local CFI but considering my level of experience, the convienience, time savings, and safety of operating out of your local field, I’m well worth the price. With the intense, accelerated training that I can give you on your home turf, we can make you a safe and confident tailwheel pilot quickly. You can see what my students say about me here. If you would rather save money and come to me, you can book time with me in Palo Alto, CA.

Also, please visit my aviation safety blog, Thinking Aloft. Thanks for stopping by!

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