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Ann FlyingMy name is Ann Elsbach. I have been flying for 37 years and a flight instructor for 34. I have spent a lot of time instructing in small tailwheel training aircraft. I also have K-12 teaching experience in other subjects.

I love to teach and I love to fly! My interest is in training the safest pilots possible. Safety comes first. The question is, how does one achieve that goal? I have looked long and hard at that question and have come to realize that there are many aspects of pilot training that are generally not well understood or adequately covered. I am writing a book that I hope will help both instructors and students to better understand, or in the case of instructors better teach, these subjects.

Some of the topics I intend to address in the book are:

  • how to assess the learning mode of the student and to use that information to facilitate student learning
  • how to evaluate a student’s judgment and how to improve it
  • how to instill an awareness of safe procedures and policies that will remain ingrained in the student through his flying career
  • tips and tricks for making maneuvers easier to learn; how to teach good airmanship
  • tailwheel operations
  • how to deal with a fear of flying

I want to blog to get the aviation community’s feedback, suggestions and ideas. I believe that the more we think about these issues the safer our operations will be. Read my aviation blogs on www.flyaecfi.com.

Thumbs up! Ann Elsbach

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